General Disinfestation

Cockroaches, bed bugs, red/black ants, spiders and silver fish are the pests that thrives around human dwellings. Though unhygienic condition increases their numbers, because of their dependence on man for food, will still exist in the best and cleanest of premises. These insects are repulsive, cause diseases by carrying germs on their body and contaminate food. They also interfere with personal comfort and can cause social embarrassment. Personal efforts at eliminating these pests are ineffective and time consuming. APM programme will do the job thoroughly and efficiently. It is advisable to get the General Disinfestations treatment done at least once every four months (depending on the infestation level). The treatment is carried out by spraying insecticide in every crack and crevice of the premises to reach all the hidden parts so as to kill all the existing insects.

Rodent Control Services

Our inspection consists of a meticulous overview of a every single possible entry point of the entire property or the areas damaged by the rats or all the areas targeted by the rats. Many untrained technicians tend to miss entry points as their inspection is not thoroughly done! In APM we find and suggest to seal off all access points of the rats. Whether it be a chewed hole or a building imperfection. We will find it and suggest structural modifications if required.

Rodent Facts

  • Global Warming
  • Reduction in funding sewer surveys and treatments
  • Investment in sewer infrastructure
  • Overfeeding of wild birds
  • Fast food outlets
  • Neglected derelict properties in inner city areas
  • Large landowners not taking responsibility

(Source National Rodent Survey 2003)

Bed Bug Control Services

Bed bugs are found in bed clothes and possessions of infested individuals. They commonly occur in such place as seams of mattresses, inside mattress coils cracks in bedsteads, bedside furniture, dresses, wall boards, wood paneling, window and door frames, behind pictures and under loose wall papers.

They are active blood suckers, their bites cause welts and irritations to many people. Many people develop an allergic reaction to the saliva injected by bed bug as it feeds. The bitten spot usually swells and swelling may be severe in highly sensitive individuals.

Pre-Construction Anti-Termite Treatment:

Key Benefits of Soil Treatment :
1. Safe–the material is injected into the soil where it crystallizes and stays.
2. Many times more effective than alternative treatments.
3. Barrier can protect your home / Offices for years (under ideal conditions)
4. Warranty for Ten years (Warranty on Post-Construction treatment is for Five years only).

Preventive Measures :
Prevention is always better than cure. Ideally a building should be treated before it is constructed. Spraying of termite resistant chemicals such as Creosote (black chemical), Wood Guard products does not prevent termites. The chemical is hardly absorbed by the wood. Even so called termite resistant plywood can be damaged by termites. Termites can only be prevented by creating a chemical barrier.

 Wood Preservation

  • We offer our clients a wide range of wood preservation services under the category of timber treatment. The preservatives and processes used by us will extend the life of wood, timber, wood structures or engineered wood. Our wood preservation services will increase the durability and resistance of woods from being destroyed by termites, insects or fungus.
  • Wood Borer
  • Wood borers are tiny beetles whose larva feeds extensively on the wood. The adults make tiny pin head size holes on the surface of woods before flying out. The frass or powder starts falling out from these tiny holes. This is the first sign of infestation in the furniture. These are internal feeders. Wood preservative chemical is injected into these tiny short holes with the help of syringe to kill larvae present in the woods. The surface is also sprayed with chemicals having petroleum base. This service is a odorless treatment.

Mosquito / Vector Control

  • Many people may not know what “Vector Control” is or why it is important. A vector is an insect or animal that transmits a disease to other animals or humans. Examples of vectors include mosquitoes, ticks, mites and fleas.
  • To reduce the abundance of target pests which incorporate two basic methods: Bio-rational control and Chemical control.
  • Biological Control – Controlling pests by using predators, parasites and disease-producing Organisms instead of pesticides
  • Chemical control – The judicious use of specific chemical compounds (insecticides) that eliminate adult and immature mosquitoes. It is applied when bio-rational methods fail to maintain mosquito numbers.

Housefly Management

  1. Locating and eliminating all possible breeding sites.
  2. Moving all trash receptacles as far from buildings as possible
  3. Disposing of all moist garbage, rotting vegetation and animal faeces in bags; dispose of bags should be in  proper receptacle as suggested by our team.
  4. Keep all dumpsters and garbage containers clean and dry; all dumpsters need tight fitting lids and should be emptied in a timely manner.
  5. Seal all possible entry points to exclude flying pests from homes and businesses.
  6. Spray surfaces around windows and doors where flies are seen resting or trying to enter structures.
  7. Use surface spray on lids and sides of dumpsters and other outdoor garbage containers.
  8. If necessary, use space sprays and pheromone traps indoors to reduce populations of adult house flies.
  9. Fly baits should be placed on or in dumpsters on a regular basis, during fly season.

 Quality Assurance

APM is dedicated to providing your business with the most effective, ongoing pest management solution available. Aarya Hygiene’s unique and comprehensive approach supports quality on-site service with an entire team of experts who develop and monitor your Aarya Pest Management (APM) program.

APM conducts regularly scheduled quality control inspections to monitor and maintain quality levels and to constantly optimize your ongoing Aarya Pest Management (APM) program and your business is always provided with the appropriate inspection reporting and documentation for your records.

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